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ok tired of this [07 Feb 2006|06:23pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I don't care what you say
I don't care when
Gateway Baptist had a gossip ring
and im frankly tired of it
you all think it's funny to go around and tell every one everything
ever thought a guy might just want like one thing told by him
so you know what
here's how I feel about the whole thing
NO, im not following what ya'll said just because you thought you could be all big and bad and just go ahead and tell her so to bad, im sorry and there for you kinda are gossiping aren't ya
you know once in a while
i'd like my whole things to have there sanciety
but you know if NO girl in our church can keep a secret for 2 whole weeks
then screw it, your not finding out
and im more than aware I can lead all of you on
SO HERE IT GOES, im sorry but from now on you ask
and I will straight up lie to your face just because you all just more than a little made me mad
so so long gateway gossip ring
no one likes you
the guys think your stupid
and I think it's demorlizing
let three or four things get out
and you all will just be living from minute to minute

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crazy me, he he [28 Jan 2006|10:40pm]
[ mood | scared 1/2 to death by nothing ]

1st off-midsummers night dream wasn't to bad and I am glad I went to go see it as it was realitivly funny and when black people break the prop and not in any racist maner, just the charicter he was playing made it ironic and the little toy was like him picking on an ant what can i say but OMG that was fall on my butt funny, ok just had to say

got my Sherwood CD/poster/2 mini-posters=wanna be stickers/and a letter saying my shirt is coming

also just wanted to say
that I am a very bad man
I run around not talking to any
and telling other things that end up untrue
how my heart sways and how I need not to just jump
I learn a measage to late of something ment for me
but is not learned till some one gets hurt
the story of my life seems only to concern
those around me and the things I put them through
No matter how many friends I lose, and how hard I try
it always seems to haunt me those fading blue eyes
to want that drama, it seems I cause it myself
I need to have a shirt, with nothing else
but warning your entering some dangers vile area
step away unless you to want to be draged into the under tow
as life comes around and things pass by it seems no more
than to find some crazy mans lie
I hate highschool drama there is no more to be said
My mouth makes words yet I do not complain
To gain control of my body and self
to turn a deaf ear towards all
I guess no more be said
and let the story
die in peace
God Bless
you all

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can it be to late........... [20 Jan 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

is there even the possiblity of being to late, of not realizing things that have happened and why you find your self lost, why you are afraid to admit the things, the solitary things that break you as if no tommrow. Yet once you admit to said things you became only more strong, why is that. Why is it when I admit that these past two years have been rough to say the least that I should have never gotten or done what ever with an ex. That I should have never ruined something, that was way to good to leave. That when you can only htink about one thing and that one thing consumes your life, is it just maybe a possbility that you yourself are not ready for what lies ahead. Yet with Jesus all thing are supposiedly possible. But how does it and how hard is it for you to realize that true love is there waiting for you, not for you to find it. THen once you grab a hold of the true love train you do nothing but slowly lossen your grip but Jesus is there pulling you back on as hard as possible and makeing things try and always work out. So many times have these worldly thing and seriously I kinda hate the internet, i mean who cares, I could live with one book, it has everything you ever wanted to read in the best of em and more I mean COME ON you can't beat that. But he brings you and carries you, and i've prayed for a couple of days that the lord would show me my wound, the things that is a barrier between me and him, the thing that makes me feel useless the thing that the devil only works harder at. And is so many ways to sum it up it's nothing but fear. The fear of walking into the real world, the fear of what boundries I can hold, the fear that relationships bring that not only they make you stand out on a limb but what if the other decided that the tree is more secure WHAT HAPPENS to you when they were helping hold that limb up but all you do is fall through and down as fast as possible. The fear of the world all happening at once, and I haven't done my part, that maybe at some time God has given up on me, and letting the devil tell me he does. I am such an idiot I know where I need to be but im not there or atleast not now, I guess it's just a thing to work on something that must me answered in order to be made sense of. The lord will lead me through this and with his hand in mine I will prevail I will become stronger and find how to put the masculinity idenity on my sons with out the same wound that I have recieved yet there will be one, just once that they won't have to suffer from. It seems that everything comes and goes, and things grow old and die. I have nothing more to fear for life in the stupidiest of ways doesn't mean a thing. If people really and truely lived freely imagine how crazy amazing this earth we live on would be.

ok so quotes and amazing stuff
-every planet in our solar system if you take the time it take for it to circle the sun once squared and the radius of the said path and cube it every planet will equal the exact same number.... Come on there has to be a greater power which creates things, he obiously knew what he was doing
-why do we call god him
-"lord have mercy, christ have mercy, onnnnn meeee!"
-"why am I so sad? why am I so upset ? I should put my hope in God and keep praising him. my Savior and my GOD!!!!!!!!! pslams42:11"
-what I really want to say can't be said

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odd ness [16 Jan 2006|08:19pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

so, what is it that triggers your wound to be shown
and how in the world does Jesus not only lead you through the healing process
but also push down that door for you
who breaks in and makes you answer
and heals you all in one
Why don't we know
and when will it happen
Lord Break my barrier
and help heal the wound

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soreness [15 Jan 2006|10:20pm]
[ mood | grrrr ]

well as it turns out 12 miles on a bike
does leave you sore
but other than that, scholarships have been filled out
jennifer love hewitt falls into the if it's true love she isn't hot any more catagory
never ever name your child daniel, just don't
I feel I have a serious lj post coming
just not yet
still want a prom date
so apply in the afterwards
and I offically have like 10 emails for everything im having to work on
YAY emails

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soooo today [14 Jan 2006|05:46pm]
[ mood | sore ]

prom date
ehhhh being told to update
that chick flick last night what was it called tristen and isodel was a actualy kinda good
12 miles of harbison, and yes we did spiderwomen II, yes some USC guy passed us and make us feel well less than, yes I got covered in mud, yes I hit the 1/2 food deep creek going full speed, yes we took wrong turns,
yes were insane, and yes

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elusive 200 myspace friend why do you allude me [02 Jan 2006|12:17pm]
Comments: i'm a hillbilly.

funny how things work [01 Jan 2006|12:00pm]
went well
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what happens [30 Dec 2005|10:09pm]
What happens when a guy is on crutches
he's given love and support from those whose "mean the most"
he friends are caring individuals
Yet he thinks he looses all, because of one bad move
Is the fraility, not in the one's who said sorry or get well soon
but in the Man him self
that he is angry that he can't A man in society
yet, jumping aboard
and not being the normal guy doesn't seem right either
this society we live it
it gives new points of views
for well everything
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in Remeberance of 2005 y@'LL [25 Dec 2005|05:16pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The only way to fully
the wonderful year
That has forshown
its self this
year is to
start at
starting from one year from now Notice these are only signifigant memoreis
Started Hanging out with Katherine
The night b4 New Years with Katherine
New Years Party Justin Met Anna B.
Justin asked Anna B. out
I asked Jess out, that lasted 2 days
Met Madi, via Anna B.
went to Madi's Birthday, ended up only playing pool
Met Anna H.
Chorus Formal, the final dance, yet still Betsy asked me, and I had great Fun
Planned Prom night for every one
Had great pictures, great fun, and every thing
Took Pamela to prom
Anna and me, we called it quiets
Went to the GT, Furman, USC, Kentucky regional finals for baseball at GT
GrandMother got married
Got on a plane by myself for the 1st time and went to amerillo
Heard about "the bag" and "the knife"
Went to PHILMONT!!!!!!!!! with the atrias
went to BIG FROG
the finished out the summer with adele coming home and the end of summer pool party
Paige and me start hanging out
that goes on for a few weeks
Meet Rodrigo, and start hanging with sean
Jessica gets into the hit nathan mode
My birthday get a new bike
go riding the same day
The all nighter, I break my foot
Stop hanging out with Paige
go to the doctore get a camo cast
HOME COMING!!!!!!!!!! for FCA
go to the doctor and get a soft cast
go back, says I have to wear it till Dec. 28th
Kealesy's b-day
go to my grandmothers, and end up having a bad time
waiting to get my cast off and be able to run

Not complete or feelings and thoughts about each, latter maybe, probably not, just thought it would be good to progrative my year

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[25 Dec 2005|01:05am]
[ mood | anxious ]

1st off

2ndly ever notice packaging people just get stupidier
and stupidier


Use it in rainy day, no problem. It's waterproof ! (note: it's not water-resistant)

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just saying [19 Dec 2005|10:00pm]
current residence is some where 60 miles west of DISNEY
so i'll be back in like 2 days
with like a 10000000000 pictures up on here
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again [15 Dec 2005|04:53pm]
[ mood | confused ]

when you remember some one
yet your heart still skips a beat
you wonder what it means
and why you don't feel it for God
hmmmmm..........I guess im going do selfindulgeintofood and get fat
to over come this feelings

HeartFlutters: great things, if not attachted to memories

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christmas wish list [13 Dec 2005|06:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

what I want

Notice it's a BMW

what im getting
a MyFi
Lacrosse stuff
more Lacrosse stuff
guitar strings *go throught way to many
idk after that

last remarks

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Amazing! [09 Dec 2005|09:54pm]
[ mood | OARish ]

I hope you all like this FOR ALL YA"LL!!!!!

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new idea [06 Dec 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i've decided, that guys as friends for the most part

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I love this [06 Dec 2005|05:49pm]
You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...

But too dang weird to do anything about it!
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ummmmmmmmmm God's tellling me something [04 Dec 2005|02:09am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

we'll today started out as any normal SAT saturday
*warning* if you coninute reading, don't get mad at me PLEASE *warning*

and that was the end of the normacy
Greg and Micheal picked me up from my house after that
we hung christmas lights
we went to Ben Satcher and took our pictures next to a FORD GT 40, basically a 200,000 dollar sports car
and had the guy tell us all about it.
*this is where it gets really odd
Greg gets a call from rachel I have no clue who she is
we go to her house and wait for her and lisa
we all talk to them
decided to go to the ZOO
find out greg has a cruch on rachel
Call jess, and jess I am truely sorry about all this
and ask if we can reschedual, b/c I couldn't make it to my house b/c I was riding with Greg
Go to Lisa, from USC not white knoll as above and get her 4runner so we can take the girls
drop micheal off
go pick up lisa, and rachel
go to the Zoo, then ice cream b/c we were late picking em' up, then walmart
Lisa and I kinda sorta hook up, idk what you call it, showing interst I guess
but she's cool, just kinda not my normal kinda girl, but then again, do I have a normal girl
don't know what rachel's problem is
end up having to take the 4runner back
have troulbe filling it up
over 30 mins curfew I have
switch cars back
Gregs truck stalls b/c we ran outa gas on Gervias and Hughes, had to call Lisa
she took like 30 mins to pick up the phone
then 30 mins to get us 2 gallons of gas
filled up his truck down at broad river
Got home at 1:30, 2 1/2 hours latter than after my last call with my mom
don't know what im going to do about all this
im in major trouble
parents think that I either, Had sex, did Drugs, or drank all of which im like SCREW THAT
im not exactly happy with how i've handled situations today, im scared to see how everythings going to go
figure God will work it out, and I guess I need to just let him

ohhh and did I forget tosay, when his car stalled I finally wasl ike just, Im going to give it all to you and screamed it in down town columbia, he he he but then kinda got mad at GOD, then was like WHAT do you want
then decided that yelling throught my nose and screaming
and everything
b/c it started to rain just as I was doing that
either a cleansing rain
or you know, just a rain to prove something
God just was proving something tonight
didn't see a cop till we got gas *ironic
hit every red light b4 picking the girls up *ironic
rain *ironic
feeling guilty about aborting already plans *just happens
realizing that im truely sorry to late *ironic
not sure what I was feelings, wiether physical is that importatn or not *scary
wondering random stuff *duh
justin and anna got backtoether *Yay Justin

and who ever decided ti would be a nice thing to leave comments my LJ and not say your name
from now on, get the balls to do that, just saying I got kinda mad when I read those

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Fca [29 Nov 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]


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[24 Nov 2005|08:04pm]
[ mood | why are girls wierd ]

last post..........irrelevant
this post
probably irrelevant to
Thanksgiving seems to be approaching christmas more and more each year
how this is possible I have no clue
Parent's want the Christmas decor up b4 we get back to school
im getting all of my present tommrow and might I add, who ever thought of this whole
day after ThanksGiving sale stuff
should be dragged out into the street and shot as garfield would say
I mean, this ends up being gayer than gay
we make this holiday comerialized so much
I just wanna see like 1 person
take a huge nativity and yes I know some do it
and like just make it like
idk the whole front yard
and be like
OUR LORD AND (key term, and) SAVIOR is the reason for this Holiday
aoishgao;sdfbh, I think I jut wanna like take all the christmas lights an spell it out
but it's not going to happen
im going to put up all of my deer, and moose, and seligh
and set up the christmas tree
put the roaming nativity around my house *why we have 3 I have no clue
put the garland up
prepare to leave for FLorida
and everything
it's kinda a downer
but not really
but yea

also the and part, Jesus is not just our lord and savior, he is our lord the one who brings us to heaven and he is king, but the Savior also, he is a soverin god who makes everything apparent
by his grace he does things
and accepts us into his kingdom
idk just humbling our this day of our thanks

FCA update-yea next tuesday, im lost to, any ideas please submit to the, "nathan needs help to plan FCA meetings as like 2 poeple have any clue what were doing and I know it doesn't sound comforting but it's who life goes, fund"

plan on seeing FCA or "DF(upside down)CA" AIM icons shortly
should be realivent to what FCA is doing that week
just having to find out hwo to make gif's

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