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beat colorado and then something the smitherins out of something else

so after carefule diliberations i've decided that
no matter how much or when I become crazy when some one says the L word when meaning it in an intament way. I don't know how or when or why I even think that it could or should be used. I mean the word needs to be reserved for Jesus (the holy trinity) and your wife, family, and kids. I mean in all other ways I don't know how much or why things like that would be fine with me other wise. Yet the thing that seems to be bothering me the most is that Kristen is using it and because of our "dicontact" I have not been able to discuss such issues with her and in all honesty it's driving me insane. I don't know, but haveing some one even say it to me makes me apprehensive about dating. I know that that dating should be used nothing more than to find the "right" one yet it seems it's used in such disallusional ways that we might as well and use pre-arranged marriages. yet there is some fun that would be taken away if that was the case.
Yet still It drives me crazy.
Anther issue is that today was a really big shocker. I realized how much my parent mean to me. I did know what hit me. I guess when you know someone that dad dies you realize how short life is. and the only thing harder is how he will be remembered. as a great man, and an amazing christian
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