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mhhhmmmadghjadseii lks girls!

so this is like the 1st long post since I have no clue. Just thought i'd share the recent events in my life from my "absolute 100% acceptance of christ, and knowing this peace that sean's been talking about." to the whole write PROM? -606-3556 on the back window of a girls car. So like feb. 25th the like absolute 100% day that i've put christ in my heart, don't feel all odd about it and love to tell poeple, so what maybe a little bragging ain't bad if you know what I mean. it's the good bragging. Well yea no matter what you did this weekend besides hang out with your girlfriend or watched a movie I probably did it. I mean this weekend was pretty amazing *and no drugs*. but yea it was impact weekend and I was kinda just wanting to grow closer to god. But then the amazing happened and I put him in my heart for the like idk maybe the 1st time. Yea then sharing the story and what not
but things happend and I can't deny it was pretty amzing.
so monday the softball girls played swansee and lost in the bottom of the 7th 8 to 4 stupid I know but who cares it was ok. then on tuesday shared the whole mini testimony and everything pretty hot I ain't going to lie and luna talked about some pretty mazing stuff *really need to tell her congrats and job well done. and I need to go up to some one and tell em' that I love Jesus as my lord and savior I can't imagine how great of a thing that could be. and what could happen by just telling one person I love jesus. Well any ways yea we did the whole thing above on rebecca's car and she didn't call back as of now which it's almost been 2 hours since the end of there game so me and sean are guessing either she didn't see it or she can't read it or she ain't gonna call. idk which option then we decided that it was time to bulk up and get straigh and just be like, you know girls ain't gonna scare me so the easiest way to fix it is to just talk to em. so tommrow im going to be like. hey what you doing on april 1st around 5:31ish because if your free I was wanting to ask you to prom.
and on that note
im signing off
and God bless


P.S. FCA still have a myspace and we like comments
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