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mixed emotions, and restraints [17 Jun 2006|01:04am]
[ mood | thankful ]

so, from what i've decided my ex's haven't helped me at all, but that the girl im "talking" with made them all kinda seem like there special, but I guess idk what im saying. Shoot. Ok well anyways, just got back from hanging out with the twins, stacy, and MAH watched enough, and got to listen to justin and josh go all crazy about how hot j.LO is but I guess that's how things go. right? them plus any movie actress = never ending conversations. Well just wanted to give some stupid update, about something, I have no clue about. Really wish I could convey my emotions from what I wanna do, to how im going to accomplish goals, there is no answer. If only I knew when and where things would happen I think I could build a bridge. Yet this is what life is all about finding out why, and figuring out when. I think I might be getting all stupid phyco on ya'll but go for it, doesn't matta all of 4 people might read this right? and I mean sure any one can post, but no one does, it's all myspace, and internet relationships. Which is another reason im attracted to mary allen, just seems that b/c a it's not something that's going to be lost in the blankness of the internet where you don't have to face some one or even here thier voice to hold a conversation, which I think is cheap and limited every one here to some extent. Yet that seems to be what it's all about, there ain't any mixed emotions maybe on how to handle it but the restraint is what I am and will be practicing, I will come out ahead. and will be a better person at the end. I just hope that the creame filling between it all won't all screw up. But I guess it's all to be found out latta.

gosh I better not screw this one up.

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just had to [05 Jun 2006|10:06pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

A - Available: sweet yes, but who knows for how long
A - Age: 18
A - Annoyance: if you tell my you read this more than once, and at more than once place a.k.a. myspace, inperson, the mall, aim

B - Best Friends: justin,josh,austin,alex
B - Bad Habit: yay being bad, no more needed
B - Birthday: sept. 17

C - Crush: I have one, or two, ok only one and a car which i've named lidia, and I haven't bought her yet, but she want's me bad
C - Car: toyota fo-runner
C - Cats: tiger (Clemson hinkle)

D - Dead Pets name: dog dog
D - Desktop Picture: down hill racing
D - Dogs: DIXIE

E - Easiest person to talk to: justin & josh
E - Email: two of em' baby

F -Favorite color: ORANGE AND PURPLE
F - Food: cheese
F - Favorite number: 17

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: bears
G - Good Times: make memoiries

H - Hair Color: this dirty blonde stuff
H - Happy: enough

I - Ice Cream: vanilla with strawberry & gramchracker mixed in
I - In school?: 2 months
I - Idiots?: should be shot

J - Jewelry: few, stylish, and a hair band
J - Job: one, working on one more
J - Jokes: so this one time I was........ and your mothers a duck

K - Kids: in a few years
K - Karate: one class
K - Know a Katie: two

L - Longest Car Ride: to philmont N.Mexico
L - Last phone call: justin
L - Love: god + every one else

M - Milk Flavor: allergic
M - Movie Last Watched: gone in 60 seconds
M - Music: everything

N - Number of Siblings: ONE BRO
N - Northern or Southern?: SOUTEHRN AND PROUD OF IT
N - Name: NATHAN

O - One Phobia: that thing, it's about idk shoot it's that thing
O - Obnoxious: you wish
O - Open About yourself?: ummm why not

P - Parents: I can live with once in a while
P - Puppy?: once I get an apartment
P - Party: with or w/o achol

Q - Quote: "as long as old men talk about the weather and as long as old women talk about old men" -george strait
Q - Quick or Slow: slow
Q - Que pasa: the air

R - Reality TV Shows: coming to L.murry
R - Right or Left: straight
R - Right now:thinking about Land Rovers

S - Song Last Heard: every time we touch
S - Stupid people: need to be crash test dummies
S - Season: winter

T - Time you woke up:11ish
T - Time Now: 10;19
T - Time for bed: 2 am

U - Unicorns: need more horn's
U - You are: going to C-L-E-M-S-O_______-----_____NNNNNN
U - Underwear: diamond funky design

V - Vegetable you love: potato
V - Vote: next week, ok maybe this one

W - Where are you going to travel next?: Clemson Super reginonals or Clemson freshman or Arizona
W - Who are you with: the TV and the mini fake christmas tree
W - Where were you born?: Logan W.virginia

X - X-Rays: 21
X - Xylophone:you wish you could play

Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - You are going to: get CLEMSON Football tickets, and scream, and flipp out, and.....
Y - Yellow: corvette

Z - Zoo Animal: the mini lepperd
Z- Zukini: burn

Comments: i'm a hillbilly.

[07 May 2006|07:21pm]
Chapter 2
a six hour ride and my first dutch fork

After living in West Virginia for 5 years my parents made the faithful decision to move to Irmo South Carolina. One so that my dad could take a better job. Two so that I could do something with my life besides the mines or something else trivial in West Virginia. So we packed up and drove down to South Carolina. In my lap I heald a couple of toys and next to me was Goldie my Gold fish in a 2 liter coke bottle. Goldie once tried to swallow a small catfish that we bought to help clean the bowl. So we took the 6 hour ride from Logan West Virginia to Irmo, South carolina. My dad and uncle charlie drove the big orange U-hual, while me and my mom drove down with my grandmother in her car. My first house was in riverwalk with a fenced in back yard. That day I had my first experience with fire ants. My uncle Charlie told me not to step into them. But me and my hard headedness thought they were black ants like in West Virginia where you can step in them and nothing happens. I know there not like that now. That house was the one that I went to kindergarden in. Wow, that 1st day of kindergarden was just kinda exciting at dutch fork elementary. I met jake casey and Logan Daniels and to this day, were still friends, not the best of, yet still friends. Yet after my mom moved from working in district 3 to district 5 we moved to new firesgate, into a house that was two stories and had a pool, where our neighbors were pat and charles with there grandsons jacob and trent. All three of us had adventures trying to catch a rabbit that made its house some where in one of our houses lawns. We shot bb gun's and just lived out what we could to explore the world. My life there was care free, I stayed friends with jake and logan as we all lived under 100 yards away from each other and always would be hanging out. I stayed at dutch fork elementary where I won several honorable mentions in art at the state fair with mrs. noel.. can't remember her last name. I also helped paint a mural or two and put on a play. Then for graduation present my Grandma took me to Alaska where we went on a cruise and saw eagles and everything. all during this time I advanced in boy scouts so as I was preparing to leave elemtary school for middle school I also left cub scouts for boy scouts all this around the alaska trip that last year was hectic. But I wouldn't realize how important it was until a few years back when I realized how much I really did in that school.
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the beginning of a memior [06 May 2006|10:16pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

ok, so i've been told that memiors are suppose to be written until your like 93 or something. But why can't you write them as you go. For each stage, dependent, independent, and depended on. So as my dependent stage comes to a quick close, I see my self ever more looking back in to what my life has been up so far. What has gone on, What memories I have, and what scares me the most. I think I shall call these, the Memiors of Nathan Hinkle : a boy lost in life, far in love, and going to college
I hope that suites every one because it sure suite me.
now to get indepth with this, at first I was like, ok let me start from the beginning or even why don't I just start writting about people, so they know what i really think, and what mememiories I have of them. So i've decided to do it in this each couple of days i'll go in and write another chapter. It might be who knows 5 pages long, or just a couple quick sentences but basically broken down into what I see as significant in my life. Then how everything came around and what im still trying to figure out and why it's not one of those, which came first the chicken or the egg kinda questions but in the whole truth of things. Why and where and how everything is going to happen and how much am I really getting into.

Chapter 1
a life in West Virginia

so as I have been going through memiories of my what some might say my young life it seems alot of things become jumbled together but as it was 4 years of my life I figured why not just bullet the ones you can thinks of and hope it suffices. so here goes the bullets of memories taht I have from west virgnia some itme im guessing after I was 2 maybe. I guess first I must note to all of you, my mom and dad's mothers both lived with in 2 miles of each other one across this river (where logan (the town) high school was on an island) and you had to cross the bridge to get to my nanny(mothers mom) from my grandma's house (dad's mom). Now My grandma had a realitivly big house for what I remember. It was hardwood floored and had a basemet which was wildly entertaining. Along with a bomb shelter that I got to go into all of maybe 3 or 4 times but can almost smell the musky ground smell with the rusting bikes and tin cans inside from my dad's and aunts years of living in that house. There was a retaining wall in the front yard that had to of been 20 feet tall and on the left of that retainting wall there was almose a driveway of sorts made of grass, basically a huge hill of grass held in by two retaining walls, and you just parked your car up on the top of the retaining wall. Also the house was on the side of a mountain, yea I know random right but now you under stand the retaining wall and how it has concrete nails nailed into it by my grandfather who I never met to hold up vines and such. but across the road there was this mountain up the top. I remember watching my dad and friends go up into it one day because of a forest fire that was almost 3 miles away and them all coming back sooty because of all the smoke and fire but they got the job done building a fire wall (a huge ditch and cleared area so the fire can't make it from one side to the next). I also remember going up into those hills with no one watching and thinking ot my self this is how paul bunion must have lived and living out those stories on my own, with out any help form any one. Yet that was the house and there are many stories that come from it and as being so young to have stories remember, it's almost as if I am watching them in third person, which kinda is odd to me. I can see myself acting out things and remember only bits and pieces so this first couple of chapters probalby won't make a whole lot of sense but there part of my child hood and should be included just because of that fact. So on to the stories of my grandma's house. One time my grandma had her yard tieled (turned up, basically) and I saw these two red things sticking out of the ground, so being the inquizitave boy that I am, took a hand shovel and tried to dig em out. Yet never could. My grandmother told me they were the devils horns and I remember believing that they were for as long as possible, in fact I still kinda do. Yet that was during the summer, it was warm and I was care free and would always wait for my dad to come home. Now I know your asking, why is he staying at his grandmothers, in all honesty I don't know but I do remember or know enough from hearing my mother and grandmother talk and trying to understand enough that my dad had to work in the coal mines not at a miner but as something else, which im not quite sure of but would rather like to know. Maybe in a chapter or two I will be able to tell you what it was that my dad did but until then. I don't know but I do know that he would be gone for long periods of time and when he came back he would bring me something small normally but something, and I do know that my favorite thing from around that time was either lego's or remote control equipment or like my little farm collection. With like John Deere stuff or CAT stuff that I could play around my grandmothers house with either indoors or outdoors and not have to worry about a thing. So back to the house. There were alot of memoires and scarythings in that house. such as the vent duct as you walked into the kitchen it scared me half to death that I would fall down it even thought today I know I wouldn't yet things like that still give me the creaps. Also the basement, which made every noise in the house seem ten times worse along with the coconut monkeys that my grandmother had that scared me really bad and I wouldn't go down stairs unless some one was with me. Yet the best memory I have of that house were during christmas. I got to decorate the house with my grandmother and make it really cool and fun and it gave me alot to do and be excited with. I made a christmas tree using the nails on the cement wall out side. I made my own little villiage out of those houses that you put lights under on top of thse huge record player cabinet. But the most fun came when you took everything down. It seems that my trouble making side has allways been part of my life, and that I find interest in how things might work or what's differnt. So one year after my grandma and me took down everything and had it in the kitchen ready to be taken down stairs for storage I took everying thing I could find, ever strand of light, ever yard of garlend, ever ornament just left and strung and hung it from cabinet to cabinet in the kitchen. IT was a huge mess but grandma let me keep it up for a day or so untill we had to take it down, to me it was freedom to my grandmother and mom it was creative I just wich I could remember why and how it happened. Yet I do remember this the time we got our first house. It was a little ranch style house but we sold it when my dad had to go away for a long bit and my and my mom stayed at my grandmothers for a while. Then when my dad came back we got a new house with atleast 2 or 3 acres of land out front which one year I made my dad not cut like a rectangle so I could have my own foot ball arena and also play with the cats in the long tall grass. That house has three cats buried there, and I can't place there names I jsut know one was the mother and two son of the cat. Then as with my grandmothers house it seems that only drematic things are what I remember I remember one time just balling my eyes out for my grandfather (dad), who I never met, because he died ruffly 18 months before I was born, and to this day I am told that I am just like him and that he would have been my best friend and had the house next to ours just so that we could hang out and be friends (tear jerker, right?). Yet there are some good stories to. I got my first border collie and name here dog dog (it was a good name for a dog I also had cat cat, and whiskers) so that's what it was. Yet Dog, Dog got away from me one time with her leash and died some where or something of that nature, after tirelsly searching for her for over two days I couldn't do it anymore. Yet, one thing that doesn't have a sad ending but is dramatic and for the reason that I remember it is that while living in that house we experiences one of the worse snow storms in the 20th century in West Virgina, there was close to 3 or 4 feet of snow every where, to the point I had snow tunnels in our front yard, and my neighbor friend had a 10 foot drift that you could climb to from his balcony. That year we went down this huge hill with probably close to 50 other kids and build jumps for our sleds and what not(love for speed is inherient in kids), yet as it was getting late we went to this smaller hill with less kids to go sledding one last time and as I was going down, I slid on to some ice, not knowing that it could only hold my wieght for a second to which then I feel throught and landed into a small ravine filled with run off water from melting snow, I got out and was only across the street from the house which I got hot chocolate, and my mom put to much detergent in to the washer and it over flowed with bubbles. Yet summers at that house were fun to. My mom and dad had some freinds who had a daugher that I think is maybe at the most 2 years older than me and another only 1 or so who I got to play with and the one thing I remember he swinging on the swing with the older one in this way where I straddled her, don't as me why it just kinda stuck in my mind. I also remember this huge water park where I lost one of my water shoes and stuck my gum onto this gum tree as you had to walk up all of these stairs to go down the family huge slide thing which I bet would be massive even today. Yet West Virgnia wasn't all about the houses I also had church with who my parents call my first "girl-friend" which I have a picture of us during an easter egg hunt, and I think my parent's got a picture of her for one christmas card or something a couple years back. Yet I remember the church was right in the center of the city and had it's own way of working. It wasn't double tiered and we allways set in the same place because every one in the church always sat in the same place, even when we would come back to visit years latter that same seat was there if we wanted it. I remember doing a play in that church, I don't remember how or why just that I was a sheperd, and my mom and grandmother made a big to do about it. Yet beside the fact of my uncle joey who realy was just a family friend and fishing with him and my dad in the river. then also losing my micky mouse (blue) fishing pole to a big bass(that even my dad and joey saw) there aren't very many more memories, I did one time dress up and go to the library during halloween and I think for like a month or 3 my parent and I came down to SC but hten ended up moving back to WV. Yet West Virgnia isn't much more than that, a turnpike, mountains, rivers, this place where the old tunnel is used to see how to evacuate tunnesl faster after explsions and stuff and other things. It always feels the sme when we go back, it's seems darker, a little gloomy but it always brings back memories, because "west virgina, mountain momma, bring me home country road, to the place where I belong"-john denver country road
until the next chapter
God Bless
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beat colorado and then something the smitherins out of something else [25 Apr 2006|10:05pm]
[ mood | sad ]

so after carefule diliberations i've decided that
no matter how much or when I become crazy when some one says the L word when meaning it in an intament way. I don't know how or when or why I even think that it could or should be used. I mean the word needs to be reserved for Jesus (the holy trinity) and your wife, family, and kids. I mean in all other ways I don't know how much or why things like that would be fine with me other wise. Yet the thing that seems to be bothering me the most is that Kristen is using it and because of our "dicontact" I have not been able to discuss such issues with her and in all honesty it's driving me insane. I don't know, but haveing some one even say it to me makes me apprehensive about dating. I know that that dating should be used nothing more than to find the "right" one yet it seems it's used in such disallusional ways that we might as well and use pre-arranged marriages. yet there is some fun that would be taken away if that was the case.
Yet still It drives me crazy.
Anther issue is that today was a really big shocker. I realized how much my parent mean to me. I did know what hit me. I guess when you know someone that dad dies you realize how short life is. and the only thing harder is how he will be remembered. as a great man, and an amazing christian

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quotes [31 Mar 2006|04:10pm]
"diago if I didn't know you better I think you might be afraid of the water"

"the angles, she has the angles, the myspace angles, only ungly chicks have the myspace angles, that says yeti not yeata"
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i'll be your crying shoulder [29 Mar 2006|05:21pm]
[ mood | estatic ]

no more need to be said

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uno mas [28 Mar 2006|10:06pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

so one more game for this week
I've been on two winning teams today's in a row with atleast a 10 run rally
so I can't complain
except for the time till prom
senior skip day friday

so if you ain't a senior you won't see me

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new thought [17 Mar 2006|11:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

it was worth the wait
to find some as pretty as her
to go to prom with

yaya nathan and waiting for ever things some times do work out

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question [13 Mar 2006|08:32pm]
why is it so hard
to get one of your favorite people
to knee down on the 3rd base line
and pray before a game?

im going to start working on this
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the ide's of march what only 2 days away [12 Mar 2006|10:39pm]
[ mood | ahh the smell of grass ]

yea so nothing much
clemson was fantastico
I have the best beginnings of a farmers tan ever
FCA up there is going to rock!!!
so gotta find a prom date
and last time I looked
my baseball team lost tonight be like only a run or two

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catapulta [07 Mar 2006|05:53pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

so as nothing approached nothing
the catapult *pictures lattaer's went well, no complications no faults nothing crazy, and nothing funny just broke after the second shot but I know it made it well worth it. 2 and 1/2 hours outa school, best part of the senior year so far. Nothing really exciting happened today
except for the building of a catapult YAY.
Learned-ed about prom
jenn jumping on my back and saying giddy up
sanding my sculpture for who knows how long
softballs everywhere
English paper reportes
and the enavitable "cheese" is my new name during lent

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ok so YAY [04 Mar 2006|09:43pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

I don't have much to say
anna just threw my hat in the dumpster behind moe's
and didn't get it out
but pinched me as a held her down

so confused

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mhhhmmmadghjadseii lks girls! [28 Feb 2006|09:45pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

so this is like the 1st long post since I have no clue. Just thought i'd share the recent events in my life from my "absolute 100% acceptance of christ, and knowing this peace that sean's been talking about." to the whole write PROM? -606-3556 on the back window of a girls car. So like feb. 25th the like absolute 100% day that i've put christ in my heart, don't feel all odd about it and love to tell poeple, so what maybe a little bragging ain't bad if you know what I mean. it's the good bragging. Well yea no matter what you did this weekend besides hang out with your girlfriend or watched a movie I probably did it. I mean this weekend was pretty amazing *and no drugs*. but yea it was impact weekend and I was kinda just wanting to grow closer to god. But then the amazing happened and I put him in my heart for the like idk maybe the 1st time. Yea then sharing the story and what not
but things happend and I can't deny it was pretty amzing.
so monday the softball girls played swansee and lost in the bottom of the 7th 8 to 4 stupid I know but who cares it was ok. then on tuesday shared the whole mini testimony and everything pretty hot I ain't going to lie and luna talked about some pretty mazing stuff *really need to tell her congrats and job well done. and I need to go up to some one and tell em' that I love Jesus as my lord and savior I can't imagine how great of a thing that could be. and what could happen by just telling one person I love jesus. Well any ways yea we did the whole thing above on rebecca's car and she didn't call back as of now which it's almost been 2 hours since the end of there game so me and sean are guessing either she didn't see it or she can't read it or she ain't gonna call. idk which option then we decided that it was time to bulk up and get straigh and just be like, you know girls ain't gonna scare me so the easiest way to fix it is to just talk to em. so tommrow im going to be like. hey what you doing on april 1st around 5:31ish because if your free I was wanting to ask you to prom.
and on that note
im signing off
and God bless


P.S. FCA still have a myspace and we like comments

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wanna help [21 Feb 2006|10:46pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

up a creek
with out a prom date
not again

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85% [19 Feb 2006|09:30pm]
21 foot catapulta is 85% done
don't you wish you could see it
well every one else does
so to bad
God bless
well I guess hey
there you go
fly away
prom = headache
so you wanna?
probably gonna get a no on that one
if I had the choice i'd take
well I guess that's a deffinate no
there you go
ummm to long GOd bless have fun good week tommmrow ahh tuesday fun my mind racing lo siento amigos about the last post
needed but ment to be private
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done [19 Feb 2006|01:20am]
[ mood | content ]

finally all christmas presents have been given out
even if that one did go agains all morals (USC brackelt itasdgja;lbn thing)
well anywas just got back from Waffle House
feeling kinda odd
can't tell b/c of what either sweet tea or something
brett, katherine, and jessie were there
im out like cold cut turkey
jive kid jive

ps. grrr find things out
you hide from your mind
scary ain't it
scary ain't it
Guess I need to look as what's really happening in this world

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gerrr [14 Feb 2006|08:50pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I wish I was stuck
atria's got eagle
still wish I was stuck again
atleast I had something to do

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he he he [12 Feb 2006|07:28pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

im giving a rose to......
help fill in the dots
I need names people

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?? [11 Feb 2006|10:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

how is it possible to get in trouble with anna hodgy
just b/c I didn't come by and show her my muddy car
next time I promise
even if your parents get mad b/c it 12 am thing

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